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Homestyle flavor served with Gourmet presentation is our specialty. The owners of Gourmet Way are two women who are originally from Buffalo, NY but now operate catering services in North Carolina and Georgia. They both truly believe that ALL food- including vegetarian, vegan and healthy catered food, should be fresh and always have FLAVOR!
 In 2011 we started Homestyle Gourmet in order to share some of our original recipes and some flavors of Buffalo, NY. We offer classic home-style flavors with innovative displays. We know you will love them. "Don't let your taste buds go to waste!"


 As a full-service, licensed, insured catering company, we always take our time to carefully prepare every meal. You are sure to taste the love in every bite. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding prices and services. You’ve tried the rest now try the best!


The Gourmet Way

Danielle Salter & Janiel Richardson
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Don't let your taste buds go to waste!"

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